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Product Code : CUL181H/161H
Product Description

CUL181H/161H timer function characteristics and Application ã€€ã€€

The CUL181H/161H function characteristics and use every day 1, with a maximum of 10 groups of on / off, and every week there are up to 70 groups of on / off, can be arbitrarily set per day or 10 different sets of open / close the program, the switch of the shortest interval is 1 minutes, the manual function. 2, directly using the plug-in, no wiring, has small volume, low power consumption, wide working temperature range, strong anti-interference ability and other characteristics. 3, you can control the neon lights, advertising lamp, street lamp, aquaculture automatic water feeding, automatic machine tool motion and a variety of electric cabinet, distribution box of automatic control, the timing to turn on the lights, turn off the lights in the home can be opened and closed; the timing of TV air conditioning, so that your family advance into the intelligent.

   CUL181H/161H timer



 Contact capacity:


 The range of time delay:

24H/24 hours

 Contact resistance:


 Insulation resistance:


 Coil voltage:


 The temperature of the environment:


 Power consumption:


 Electricity storage time:

150 hours /161H no battery

 Set the minimum unit:

30 points

 Set number:

30 / 48