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Microcomputer Time Controller

Microcomputer Time Controller
Microcomputer Time Controller
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Product Code : KG316T
Product Description

KG316T enhanced the microcomputer time controlled switch function and use   

KG316T according to the power supply of electric equipment users set a time, automatic open and close all. The control object can be a street lamp, neon lights, advertising signs, production sets, radio and television equipment all need regular open and closed circuit equipment and appliances. 1, for charging mobile phone battery, timing, the car battery, overcharge resistant. 2, for electric water heater, electric heater, electric cooker, electric oil heater, humidifier, air purifiers and other home appliances, realize the automatic switch appliance. For example, when you wake up timer. Let the electric water heater ready hot water for you, a day of joy from the beginning. 3, in the implementation of peak and valley price area, the timer will be for you to use the valley electricity price and effectiveness. 4, timing switch used for lighting, advertising light boxes, the exterior wall of the building facade lighting, lighting control. For you and reasonable Zenghui, save your money. 5, used for timing irrigation, garden, aquarium keeping timing pumping and drainage. 6, to play a timing switch, the surveillance video timing broadcast school. In short, the timer can be used for all starting timing electric devices stopped, reasonable arrangements for your production and life, so that you learn to work on time. Direct power control of 4KW; daily travel time error is less than 0.5 seconds; according to week set, every day can be set up to 10 times and 10 times off the action; convenient installation and debugging; the most short control time is 1 minute.

KG316T enhanced the microcomputer time controlled switch



 Contact capacity

The resistance of 25A

 When the control range

1 -168 hours

 Contact resistance


 Insulation resistance



Appliances: 10   machinery: 10

 The temperature of the environment


 Programmable group number

10 on 10 off

 Timing error

2 seconds / day